2017-2018 RC Bangkok

Rotary club of Bangkok : Badminton skill training for sixty students.

From the Rough Playground, sixty students from four schools in Songkhla province received RCB scholarships to learn the Badminton skill. The training days were an opportunity for the community to get together at the badminton court to watch their children practice.

As the Badminton training course which started on 11 November 2017 came to an end on 27 January 2018, these sixty students came to receive their certificates and show off their skills to RCB members and guests attending the closing ceremony on 28 January 2018. There were 2 double men teams, 2 double women teams, single man and single woman competition on that day. According to the coaches, the boys and girls in the competition were those who have shown great talent. Overall, they are very satisfied with the performance of all the students since many of them started their training with no prior experience in badminton.

We are very proud to see that the scholarships given to these children to learn new skills will make a difference in their future.