07-09-18 RC Yangon - EMR Pilot Training (an 80-hour Program)

(Haymar Muang) 

Rotary Club of Yangon, in cooperation with Rotary Club of Bangkok, Rotary Club of Taipei, Rotary Club of Bangkok South and Myanmar Emergency Medical Services, has successfully completed EMR Pilot Training (an 80-hour Program). 

42 trainees registered and 39 trainees completed the training. 

33 trainees passed both EMR and CPR and awarded both certificates. All 39 passed CPR and were awarded certificates. 

The pass rate is 84.62% and so we are so much proud of the achievements of the Trainees. 

RCY has set up another milestone and more milestones to make !!!

Now RCY is waiting for GG 1977680 EMR Training to be approved.